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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Note About My Lush Stash

Many of my youtube subscribers have asked to see my updated Lush "stash/collection".  To be honest, I don't have as much as I used to.  I did accumulate tons of soap over the holiday sale when they were buy 1 get 2 free.  Most of the bath bombs and bubble bars, my family and I have used and are continuing to use up.  Needless to say I do love Lush (and may be slightly addicted LOL).  There will be parties at Lush that I will be attending in the future, but as I said, I will not be posting an updated Lush collection video.  When I was recently going through a bad anxiety spurt, I used up a lot of my bath products (bath bombs, bubble bars, lotions, and emotibombs).  I do have shower gels, but most of them are running low or are half full.  Their shampoos and conditioners I use just about every day, but I have been trying some new products recently as well.

I do get many comments about how lush expires, and how it's considered wastefull to have so much Lush, but as I stated previously, everyone in my household uses it.  The soaps often don't expire for over a year, and if well kept sometimes even longer.  I also often cocktail my Lush products, using more than one at a time.  I just wanted to address this repeated request from my youtube channel.  I didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring their comments.


A.N.A said...

I seen your Lush collection video and yes, it was a lot but like you said you and your family uses it all. I don't think people should critize others for what they have/ what they can afford. I think Lush is a great company to invest in, their products are worth the money.

Dana said...

I dont think having a lot of Lush is a problem, especially if you use it. AND, if you are using it with the 'cocktail method'....don't worry about what people say about it. To each his own! ;]

Morganaa said...

Even if you wanted to stock and collect bunch of Lush... where would be the problem? I don't collect them, but I have quite a stock (nearly 10 ten soaps? lots and lots of bath products, more than I can use,... and indecent amount of other products. but you never really know what you'll need XD People should really stop judging what someone do, it's our life!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to get anytbing from Lush UK online that I like but you have made me want a bath so bad to try bubble bars and bath bombs. People should mind their own business IMO, who cares if you decorate your house in Lush bags and was the dishes with a bubble bar, it is YOUR money and YOUR life you can do as you please. Jealousy is a horrible trait in people and that is all it is honey they are jealous they can't get what you do and they need to grow up :0)


sunshinegalz0002 said...

thats fine :) can't wait to see future lush lush hauls are amazing :)

RoxyEyez said...

I need to so try Lush out here soon your videos make me want it bad

Boanna said...

i love your lush hauls, and although you do have quite a few lush products you don't use them all on yourself so it's really not that much. keep the hauls coming! love you love your hauls! =)

Juana said...

Its ok we all understand i would use them all everyday if i was you. I understand why you can't make a lush stash video. Love ya. Thanks for the blog.

sachelle said...

i think its great that all your family uses their products, it makes the cost worth it since it's not going to waste. keep the lush hauls coming because it helps me see whats new!

Adriana said...

I'm pretty sure you'll use them up in one year if everyone uses it. Don't worry about the comments. Love Lush!

Boanna said...

i just watched your most recent lush haul! every time i watch your videos they put a smile on my face =) I can't wait to get my lush in the mail! =)))

Kim said...

There's nothing wrong at all with having so much Lush considering how easy it is to use up all the products so quickly (: I personally however, take forever to use my Lush products but hey - at least they make my room smell nice if I end up not using them (majority of the time I use it up though). I just saw your recent lush haul as well so now I'm considering placing yet another order on some Lush products "/ eek. lol

laitae said...

Lush products are so fantastic and we all know that. If buying them and especially using them makes you happy, nobody should complain, this is your life:) Love ya!

Boanna said...

my solid perfume just expired =( don't you hate it when your lush stuff does expire?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not i've never tried LUSH products, i dont even know that much about it. i know it'sad right.

Morganaa said...


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ana said...

I love your videos. It's ok that you can't post a video for your lush stash we understand.

Boanna said...

i just got my lush goodies in the mail today! i'm so excited to use them! =) can't wait to see your next video, they always brighten up my day

Boanna said...

just watched your haul! =) i'm so glad you put up a new video!

marie.tieu said...

i love lush too! but i can't afford soap that is like 5-10 dollars lol but the things i like there are butterball and sex bomb!

Anonymous said...

Do what you love :)
Even if a few things expire it's still worth it. Mascaras expire before they're completely empty, it's just how cosmetics are.

Lana said...

Well the fact that you can't post a stash video is a good thing then, right? At least you're actually using things up! I only have a few Lush items.. and I hate to admit it, but I hardly use them! I'm not sure if it's because they were expensive.. or if I'm just worried I'll love them and have to buy more (thus becoming a Lush addict.. just another addiction that my wallet won't like).

Anonymous said...

hehhe ^^ im so jealous but i have lots of lush too just gotta try a lot of stuff still and you make me want to buy everything you ahve haha

Jammie said...

hey, as long as you're using it up, its definitely not wasteful! i love watching your lush haul videos, so don't let the haters keep you from buying more lush! lol

Anonymous said...

I have never heard about lush until i was playing around on youtube! There products sounds amazing!! I'm hoping to win some sort of contest so i can try some of there stuff out! :) It all sounds very amazing! I wounder if they have a store by where i live :)

ellu said...

I love your lush hauls ((((::::

elissabrok said...

i love your lush hauls =) one of the first few reasons i started watching your channel i dont think anyone explains lush products as good as you do. I also have quite a few lush products decided to stop buying from there until i use some of it up, especially since i have 3 things about to expire and only half way done them

sachelle said...

loved your new 3 videos! :) keep posting! yay!

peacock said...

i loveee your lush hauls!

Boanna said...

wow, a lot of people commented on this blog after like one day! i'm glad you're building your following--- you definitely deserve it!

Anonymous said...

My friends question the expiration of my Lush since I have a lot for just one person as well... but I'm working on it! I love your hauls :)

Claire said...

You have amazing Lush hauls! I just received my first Lush order yesterday. I'm always excited to see what you have to say about your Lush products!

Nicky said...

As long as you keep doing your hauls! Love those videos!

Sarabeth said...

I love seeing what people use in their bath's really interesting to me. I totally understand about using your products up during a time where you were really struggling with your anxiety. I thought it was just me...but taking a bath sometimes is one of the only things that helps calm me down. When my anxiety was at it's worst (I was having anxiety/panic attacks on a daily basis or several times in a day) I would literally take like 4-6 baths a day. 6 on the really really bad days. It was pretty rough!! I wish I would've known about Lush back then..haha. Thankfully it's not that bad anymore...but it still happens. The only bath & body product I've used that sort of helps is a lavender/vanilla soap...since the lavender is calming. I'd be interested to hear what Lush products help relax you...

CANDYB2222 said...

I wish I had a Lush near me. :( I've purchased a few items from Lush before when I went out of town and I loved them!

sabrina said...

You can never have too much Lush.

If I didn't have backups of things and a couple of different choices before I threw in a bathbomb I would never use them because I would hate the thought of not having any on hand. I do like to use up my lush and I try only to purchase thinfgs during parties so I can get the most out of it. I am fortunate enough to live close to 2 LUSH stores with another 2 within reasonable distance and still there are not many parties. And the parties my stores have are nothing like the ones you go to - they are pretty minimal with gifts but hey at least its something.

Love your Lush hauls and reviews please keep them coming!

Saniya said...

i love you videos. dont let anyone whoes jealous get you down. the whole point of lush is to feel pampered and relaxed. so dont let them get you down.


Holly said...

Thats a question I get asked constantly and right now my lush stash is pretty full, and I take a bath once or twice a week but even then I use half of a full product and mix a few halves so i'm not going through them as quickly. I don't know when I'll get through all my soap! I think I overstocked up haha

Beatriz said...

this is a perfect example of USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!

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