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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sigma Beauty on the Go Kit - Smokey Eyes

     Let me just start by saying that I absolutely LOVE Sigma Makeup.  In my dealings with the Sigma Makeup team, I have gotten great customer service, well crafted makeup brushes, and now beautiful makeup palettes. If you haven't tried Sigma's Beauty on the Go Kits, you are missing out in my opinion.  These shadows have wonderful color payoff and are extremely easy to blend.  I have all four Beauty on the Go Kits: Neutral Eyes, Smokey Eyes, Fun with Colors, and the Blush and Highlight Kits.  Let me just say that I was very impressed with these kits.  I wear my Neutral Eyes Kits almost daily, and get many compliments on my makeup.  "Those colors are so pretty! Where do you get those?"  I always tell my coworkers where they can find these great kits.

       I first heard of Sigma Makeup through youtube and immediately bought their complete brush set.  At that time, I did not have many MAC brushes (which I have bought since that time) and I was looking for a cheaper alternative.  Sigma seemed like a great option.  I ordered my first Sigma brush kit, and upon using them the first time to apply my makeup as I had been using cheaper brushes from the drugstore, I thought How did I apply makeup without these before!   I like that Sigma has named their brushes with the same numbers as the MAC brushes, so if there is a MAC brush you are looking for, you can probably find that same brush from Sigma.  I also enjoyed the fact that I could do more looks that were displayed by larger gurus, as most of them used MAC brushes.  So when a guru applied makeup and said "I'm using my MAC 224." I now could just grab for my Sigma or "SS 224" and create the same look.  Now let me say, the Sigma brushes are very dupable to MAC, but they are not exactly the same, and I actually prefer some of my Sigma brushes more than my MAC ones. I have many reviews on my youtube channel about Sigma Brushes if you'd like to take a look at the reviews.

     As many of you already know, you can buy any of the makeup kits and all of Sigma's brushes from  I just recently received the Smokey Eyes Kit and the Fun with Colors Kit.  I have posted a review of the Smokey Eyes Kit and the Pink Sigma brushes, and have done a tutorial using both the Neutral Eyes and Smokey Eyes Kits which will be shown below.  The eyeshadows and blushes have great pigmentation and the color in the pan, is exactly what shows up on your eye!  I also find that with a little help from primer (whichever you choose), your look will last all day long.  The kits were sent to my by Sigma, but the Complete Brush Set, and the new Advanced Brush Set were bought by me.  I would continue to buy Sigma Makeup even if I were not sent products to review.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

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