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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lip Stuffies

Ok so we all know that it's the winter season. One thing that lets us know is our lips. Even though I don't live in the coldest section of the country, it does get cold and windy, and the air gets dryer; hence, my lips get very dry and at times chapped. I have come across some great products to treat this and some other lip favorites I wanted to share with you. Some of these items I have bought from Sephora, some from Ulta, and some from Suds-n-Sass.

So first let me start off with Suds-n-Sass. This is a great small business online bath and beauty site that I have come to love!!! The owner, Beth, sells a variety of makeup, bath, and fragrance items. Suds-n-Sass sells one of my favorite things...Jelly Balms, which are her lip balms. They are full of wonderful moisturizing ingredients for your lips and are also tinted for a hint of color. My favorite two are Bitten and Lucky Penny. Definately check those out!

Another product that has become a love of mine over the last 3 weeks is the Korres Lip Butters. These are amazing. If you haven't tried them yet, head over to Sephora or Ulta or wherever else Korres is sold in your area and check them out. They are $9 a jar and are totally worth it. They are made with shea butter which really helps dry, chapped lips. They come in a wide range of colors and scents. The Jasmine one is completely nude on your lips. They give your lips a nice shine and are worth the money in my opinion. Korres also has lip glosses. I have the Cherry set and really like it.

I have also found that the lip balms from Avon work really well. I've been getting these from my students as Christmas gifts over the past week and find I really like them! If you don't have an Avon consultant near you, you can always order them online. They are amazingly cheap. Some of them only cost 99 cents. Can you beat that?

So the last item I have come to love over the last week that is lip related is by Fusion Beauty. The Lip Fusion Plumper and XL Plumper are totally worth the money in my opinion. I bought the double ended one to try them both out. One is their normal lip plumper...on the other side is the XL plumper that really plumps your lips without that stinging feeling that you get from most lip plumpers. My next purchase from Fusion will definitely be some of their plumping glosses. They can tend to be expensive, but I really like mine and do not regret the purchase.

My questions for you are:
Is winter taking a toll on you lips?
What are your favortie lip stuffies?
How do you beat those dry chapped lips?

Laziness, Anxiety, and My Neglected Blog

So I'm sitting here at my computer tonight and came over to my blog. I am so sorry I have been neglecting this blog for so long. I am making a personal challenge to myself to keep it up. Life has been so hectic. I do plan to post more on my blog and keep up with it.

Let me start by telling you guys about a personal journey that I've been through over the past year. Last year in January, I was diagnosed with Panic and Anxiety Disorder. Actually writing it out is an embarrassment to me; however, I was told by one of my greatest friends Natasha Neagle that blogging about it may help. So here goes.

My anxiety started with a single panic attack that was so horribly bad, I felt like I was dying. I remember telling my husband, I think you should call the ambulance, I'm having a heart attack. Needless to say, he recognized the symptoms as panic and help to calm me down. That single panic attack that night left me feeling totally drained over the next few days. I felt as though I was walking around with a horrible hangover. It made me very afraid that something was physically wrong with me as I had never felt that before.

I visited my doctor who did numerous tests to find out if there was a physical problem. It turned out that I was healthy. I remember the words "I think it's all in your head. I will refer you to another doctor who can help treat panic disorder." I WAS IN SHOCK! What? Why me? I have nothing to panic over I kept thinking. In between the first attack and subsequent others, going through medical tests with no result of illness threw me over the edge. I became agoraphobic...not wanting to leave my house, had anticipatory panic (which is the supreme fear of having another attack) and felt like my insides constantly wanted to jump out of my body for weeks. It was not a great feeling.

I remember sitting on my bed one morning with my husband looking on helpless and realized that this was "REAL". What I was feeling needed to be treated. I took my original doctor's advice after 3 weeks and saw another doctor who has been treating me for anxiety and panic disorder. I have good spurts and bad spurts. I have just recently come out of a bad spurt about a month ago.

For me it is so debilitating. After 3 panic attacks in one day, I feel as if I cannot function for a week or two; however, I have to keep going. I have to go to work, I have to take care of my daughter and my husband, and life goes on.

I understand that this is totally unbeauty related (if there is such a word), but I thought keeping track of it here, and opening up this personal side of me may help my anxiety levels. Just know that letting you guys know this is a huge step for me. It is something I have been thinking about a lot because to let you know this, lets you into a personal piece of my life. It opens up a side of me that you may not have known existed. For me it is a crutch, and I really need to get out of that way of thinking. So there you have it.

I'm wondering if any of you have ever had a panic attack...
How did you feel?
What brought it on?
Do you still have them?
Do you have any advice for others who go through this?
How do you feel about knowing I have horrible anxiety...does it not phase you at all?
Let me know