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Monday, February 15, 2010

Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland Palette

If you've seen my last Sephora haul on Youtube, you know I purchased the coveted Alice in Wonderland Palette by Urban Decay.  When this palette was first launched, I held out thinking I have the Book of Shadows vol II so why would I need this.  As we all know, in today's society it is a strenuous battle of "wants" and "needs".  When shopping last weekend, I saw it in Sephora.  Yes, many of the colors are in the Book of Shadows vol II, and some are from the Ammo palette, but some were shadows I didn't have.  This is also a makeup collectors item, and the packaging completely drew me in.  The top of the palette opens up to reveal a beautiful pop-up scene of Alice walking through a forest of mushrooms.    For anyone who loves Urban Decay, Tim Burton, Disney, or Alice in Wonderland, this is an absolutely MUST have this palette.  But there are many of us asking the question: Which of these shadows are the ones I don't have? Here is a rundown of each shadow and its dupe:

(16) Eyeshadows:

-Underland (Flash)
-Alice (Painkiller)
-Oraculum (Baked)
-Queen (Last Call)
-Chessur (Chopper)
-White Rabbit (Polyester Bride)
-Wonderland (Maui Wowie)
-Curiouser (Grifter)
-Muchness (X)
-Mushroom (Mushroom)
-Midnight Tea Party (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again)
-Vorpal (S&M)
-Absolem (Homegrown)
-Drink Me Eat Me (Sin)
-Mad Hatter (Twice Baked)
-Jabberwocky (Oil Slick)
-Travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero and Flipside
-Travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion

The eyeshadows are wonderful.  If you haven't used Urban Decay before, be warned that none of these are matte eyeshadows. They all have a shimmer to varying degrees from very subtle to large chunks as in Midnight Tea Party.  Some people were complaining that these are best selling eyeshadows that are renamed and not new colors, but if you are someone like me, who falls in love with a particular shadow, why not have an extra?  Considering that most of Urban Decay's single eyeshadow run you about $18, you can get so many of them in this palette for $50.  The eyeshadows have wonderful payoff, and used with the primer potion, stay on all day.  I love the consistency of all of Urban Decay's shadows, so although this was an impulse buy for me, I am not regretting the purchase.  I love having all of my favorite colors in one place, easily accessable and ready to be used together.  I do wish that Urban Decay would have come out with some exclusive colors specifically for this palette, but overall I think it's worth the price, and I'm glad I bought it.

So my questions for you are:
What do you think of this duped palette?
Did you buy it? If so what do you think?
Do you own any of the other Urban Decay palettes?