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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today is the start of a new thing!

So Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my Blog! I hope that you find this useful and interesting and visit often. I will be showing swatches and sharing my personal opinions on makeup, bath, and beauty related things. Hopefully I can keep up with this. I'm glad that you stopped by. If you have any requests of reviews or swatches you would like to see on my blog leave a comment below.

It seems like this will be a very fun experience for me. I hope you find it fun too, and I hope that you can feel this is a resource you can come to if you have questions. In time, I am hoping that I get as good at this as I am at other new things I have tried in life before.

I am thinking that my first post will be on my new nail polish. OPI's Can You Tapas This? So look for that in a few days. I will also post my thoughts and swatches of the new Style Black collection from Mac Cosmetics. Look for those posts coming in the next few days.

I would love it if you would subscribe to my blog and pop in from time to time. I love hearing from all of you!

With Love as Always,
Tknokitten (Toni)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you started a blog :) I <3 you and wanted you to know that!

Pieces of me said...

WOOHOO more Toni what's not to love about that?
aka wildchild58 (twitter)
Ultimatecruegirl (youtube)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your blog Toni. I am a follower on YT and Twitter as well! Mary aka doxymommy and/or doxymommie

The Actor Kid said...

i love reading your blog because it helps me choose out what i NEED to get for my GF... she loves every thing i get her... she is one beauty

sunshinegalz0002 said...

im so glad that you started this blog :) it is so great that you started this blog :) it is so much fun 2 read!

marie.tieu said...

i just followed your blog and so far i love it! i would love to see reviews especially, dupes, and a lot of makeup advice! can you please write something about your skin care routine? i have read everything already and i'm looking forward to your next blog posts. thank you :)

Beatriz said...

whoo hoo to following your blog - neat!

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