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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lush Halloween Goodies

So I went to Lush the other day to get Halloween items. When I had gone a few weeks ago, they were not in yet. To my surprise, not only were the halloween items in, but so were the Christmas items (which will be posted probably later).

The first item I bought was the Cobweb Bath Bomb. This is one of my favorite bath bombs. It has the same scent of the Black Pearl Bath Bomb that was released last year for limited edition. I bought three of these. They are scented with lavender, chamomile , and blackcurrent for a relaxing yet fruity sweet scent. Just the perfect thing to relax you after a "Night of Frights".

The second item I bought was the "Ghost" Shower Gel. This shower gel is scented with gardenia, dove orchid oil, rose absolute, and ylang ylang to leave you smelling of lillies. It smells exactly like Lush's Lily Savon soap which I believe is either a retro item or now discontinued. I love this shower gel! It makes me feel like I have just run through a patch of flowers and has an extremely lily floral scent, so if you are not a floral person, this will not be the shower gel for you. I've had many people ask me what this smells like. It smells of staright lillies!

I also picked up two of the Jacko bath bombs which are out of this world. I love the scent of these. I heard someone describe them as smelling like your bag of halloween candy after you dumped it out when you were a child so your mom could check it. Boy are they right. It is a spicy, cinnamon scent. It contains cloves and spearamint, which in my opinion is a great combination. This bath bomb is a great treat for all during the fall. If they restock them at my local lush, I will definately buy a few more.

The last thing that was left on the Halloween table was the "(The Great) Pumkin Soap". This soap smells exactly like their Spice Curls Soap. It is wonderful. I was never a fan of Spice Curls as I did not like the consistency of it. Spice Curls was very abrasive, almost exfoliating, and I didn't like the feel of it much. Pumpkin soap on the other hand is the total opposite. This soap is extremely creamy in texture, so much that it almost melts in your hands when you are holding it. It is scented with cloves, cinnamon, and slight hints of mint and other spices. I love the scent, almost like Big Red gum.

Did you buy any lush Halloween goodies or plan to?
What are your plans for a fightening Halloween?
What do you plan to be for Halloween?


Morganaa said...

I don't plan to buy lush products on the halloween theme 'cause I'm definitely broke right now ^^" but for the holliday I'm going to be a witch (yeah I now so creative lol) and I have plans to make a diner based on pumpkin and have some games around halloween stuff, it's gonna be pretty funny XD

nat said...

Oh man I want some Halloween goodies! I need to go to LUSH but I've been holding off b/c 1. I'm all out of beauty $ 2. I'm going to LUSH NOV 1st and 3. YOU are my LUSH connection :)

For Halloween we will get dressed up and TRY to go trick-or-treating. Last year we went through the neighborhood but almost everyone here works in DC so nobody was home! We just went to the mall and got some candy then ate out.

I am going to be a Greek Goddess, Elijah is gonna be a storm trooper, and Kati is Dorthy. Nick is undecided so who knows!

Dreamsparadise said...

Well i usually dont dress up because its my birthday so my friends and I go out and eat.

I'm planning to buy ghost(because i love lily savon soap) andthe great pumpkin soap .. i need to check if i like anything else.. Im going to pick up a few things from the christmas goodies.. The first lush product i ever bought was snow showers shower jelly and i loved it so much

Kim said...

Did you buy any lush Halloween goodies or plan to? Next year I plan to (: Definitely!
What are your plans for a fightening Halloween? It's so sad. No one really celebrates halloween anymore in NZ. Like, you'll go out onto the street at around 6 and there is no sign of trick or treaters or anything. And we bought bags and bags of candy as well and no one came trick or treating "/
What do you plan to be for Halloween? ^ above. Damn if I ever get to go the the US for a year that would be heaven. Cheap cosmetics, cheap everything, white christmas, halloween, everything seems so awesome there!

The Actor Kid said...

i love tHe JACK O LANTERN bath bomb

sunshinegalz0002 said...

ooo i missed out on this love watching and reading anything u make about lush! lol i just find it interesting :)

ana said...

I hadn't heard about lush during that time. I wish I woul've so I could have tried that out it sounds like it was a pretty good buy. I love Halloween. I bet I would've known about lush.

Adriana said...

I didn't know about lush last year, but I can't wait to see what this year Halloween items will look like.

Beatriz said...

I'm sad I missed out on these products BOO! haha get it? boo! for halloween.. ok lol!

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